50 Wedding Ideas That'll Never Go Out of Style

Trends may be fun to play with, but a timeless wedding ensures you won't look back at your photos and question what you were thinking. Of course, you're no trend forecaster — it can be tough to determine what will still look good twenty years from now. Keep it subtle, and the details will speak volumes in their simplicity — soft or neutral palettes, greenery and florals, elegant calligraphy, romantic lighting. From your bridal day to reception décor to your grand exit, we've gathered the best ideas that will make your wedding stand the test of time.

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • Simple Invites

    Simple Invites

    Clean and crisp white invitations set the tone for your wedding, with simple laser cut details and a focus on typography.

    Photo Credit: Blueberry Photography

  • Fabric Chair Backs

    Fabric Chair Backs

    Draped linens weaved in and out of chair backs instantly dress up ceremony seating for an elegant look.

    Photo Credit: Sonya Khegay

  • Initial Accents

    Initial Accents

    Personalize your wedding with your and your partner's first initials. They look sharp stamped on a minimalist wedding program.

    Photo Credit: Studio Atticus

  • Church Ceremony

    Church Ceremony

    Nothing says traditional wedding like tying the knot in a house of worship. With interiors like these, there’s not much need for decoration.

    Photo Credit: Jen Huang

  • Romantic Altar

    Romantic Altar

    Florals or gauzy fabric (or both!) are the key to an arch that evokes timeless romance.

  • Floral Aisle Markers

    Floral Aisle Markers

    A subtle festoon of a white rose and greenery make for gorgeous aisle markers that are anything but overbearing.

    Photo Credit: Ben Yew

  • Flower Petal Aisle

    Flower Petal Aisle

    Nothing is quite as romantic as a ceremony aisle scattered with rose petals.

    Photo Credit: Rachel Solomon Photography

  • White Ceremony Chairs

    White Ceremony Chairs

    Stark white chairs never fail to stand out in their simplicity, especially when contrasting against the vivid nature of an outdoor ceremony.

    Photo Credit: Christine Doneé

  • Black Tux

    Black Tux

    A black tux always looks fresh and sharp.

    Photo Credit: Julia Kaptelova

  • Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

    Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

    The mix-and-match trend may be hot right now, but who's to say that will still hold true 10 years from now? Matching gowns in a neutral tone guarantee your bridal party look will stand the test of time.

    Photo Credit: Carretto Photo

  • Muted Bouquet

    Muted Bouquet

    A soft bouquet of pink and white roses screams classic romance.

    Photo Credit: Summer Lily Studio

  • Chignon Hairstyle

    Chignon Hairstyle

    Channel your inner Grace Kelly with a low chignon. This polished look is the one hairstyle that has survived years of style changes.

    Photo Credit: Julia Kaptelova

  • Long Veil

    Long Veil

    There isn't as traditional of a bridal accessory as a long, sweeping veil. There's a reason it's been worn by brides for centuries — it's beautiful and breathtaking.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • White Dress

    White Dress

    To make the traditional white dress really timeless, opt for simplicity, which exudes an elegant classicism. A strapless neckline and A-line silhouette transcend decades.

    Photo Credit: Julia Kaptelova

  • Chandeliers


    Crystal chandeliers bring a touch of sophisticated glamour.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Kinsey

  • Light Linens

    Light Linens

    Whether it's a stream of gauzy chiffon or a delicately simple cotton runner like this blush pink one, light linens offer an airy feel that don’t overwhelm tables. Pair it with bare wood for a natural effect.

    Photo Credit: Koman Photography

  • A Neutral Palette

    A Neutral Palette

    Soft combinations of white, ivory, and silver always stand the test of a time — such neutral, muted tones are versatile and elegant.

    Photo Credit: Blaine Siesser

  • A Book Guest Book

    A Book Guest Book

    There's plenty you can do to record your guests' well wishes, but there's nothing quite as tangible as an actual book, complete with imprinted cover and feather quill, to treasure for years to come.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Seating Chart

    Seating Chart

    Romance ties together this modern and classic seating chart, with an inventive take on a parchment scroll of gorgeous hanging calligraphy. It beautifully provides an easy, no-fuss way for guests to find their seats.

  • Floral Wrapped Staircase

    Floral Wrapped Staircase

    Bountiful blooms trailing the banner of a winding staircase bring fresh, classic vibes, especially when they're a fresh white.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Curtains


    Whether framing a chuppah or the entrance to a ceremony or reception, cascading gossamer linens create a dramatically ethereal effect every time. Framed by gilded mirrors, this entry is all glamour.

    Photo Credit: Vue Photography Online

  • Tented Receptions

    Tented Receptions

    Reception tents create a magical effect, almost transporting your wedding into another world. And just look at that decadent ceiling with gorgeous drapery and glowing sunlight!

    Photo Credit: Onelove Photography / Wedding Designer: Kat Keane

  • Cinched Cocktail Tables

    Cinched Cocktail Tables

    Cocktail tables go from 'nice' to 'wow' when a simple ribbon wraps a bow around the tablecloth.

    Photo Credit: Studio Atticus

  • Lounge Area

    Lounge Area

    Guests will always appreciate extra touches for them, like comfy seating during cocktail hour. An elegant lounge in a neutral palette looks classy and timeless.

    Photo Credit: Jacob and Pauline

  • Welcome Sign

    Welcome Sign

    Chalkboard signs may come and go, and wooden signs may fall on the rustic side, but an ornate mirror has a fairytale-esque quality that we can't deny.

    Photo Credit: Julia Park

  • Petal Toss

    Petal Toss

    Forget confetti — celebrating the newlyweds with a showering of flower petals makes for a sweetly romantic picture.

    Photo Credit: Amy & Jordan

  • Tall Floral Arrangements

    Tall Floral Arrangements

    Give floral arrangements some height for an elegant finish. Cylindrical vases or sleek hexagonal urns put a modern spin on a timeless look.

    Photo Credit: Michael and Anna Costa

  • Overhangs


    Ceilings can always use their own centerpiece — a suspended overhang booming with greenery or florals will do the trick. Pair it with a muted palette to stand out.

  • String Lighting

    String Lighting

    Big bistro lights or twinkling fairy lights, string lighting knows how to set an ambiance — just look at the enchanting effect they bring to this draped ceiling. 

    Photo Credit: SMS Photography

  • Floral Backdrop

    Floral Backdrop

    Many backdrops get carried away with whimsy, but an oversized wall of florals is a masterpiece of beauty.

    Photo Credit: Chad & Annie Photography

  • Greenery


    Mother Nature is always in style. Nothing looks as fresh and crisp as greenery details, from centerpieces to stunning garland adornments.

    Photo Credit: A Bryan Photo

  • Long Reception Tables

    Long Reception Tables

    Slender and beautiful, long reception tables are a favorite for their family style seating. They're perfect for everything from the bridal party to intimate weddings and bringing guests together.

    Photo Credit: When He Found Her

  • Intricate Flatware

    Intricate Flatware

    It's the tiniest details that make a difference. Flatware with a delicate design brings romantic charm.

    Photo Credit: Rhythm Photography

  • Place Cards

    Place Cards

    Paper place cards in sky blue pop against beige shades for a timeless springtime feel.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Elegant calligraphy numbers scrawled against a blank canvas let table numbers speak for themselves.

  • Runners


    A long garland of eucalyptus leaves interspersed with classic pink blooms brings a bit of garden magic as a table runner. Gilded chairs polish off the look.

  • Floral Centerpieces

    Floral Centerpieces

    While creative centerpieces bring some whimsical flair, a traditional vase of roses and hydrangeas always does the trick.

  • Linen Menus

    Linen Menus

    Why waste paper when your linens can serve double duty? This idea is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful, showcasing stunning calligraphy.

    Photo Credit: Art De Vie Photography

  • Gilded Accents

    Gilded Accents

    From sweet and modern napkin rings to crystal goblets, gilded accents bring a glamorous touch, no matter the decade.

    Photo Credit: Kaysha Weiner

  • Elegant Table Settings

    Elegant Table Settings

    The trick to a timeless table setting? Lace, satin, and a simple napkin fold that lets the sheen of the fabric do the talking.

  • Getaway Car

    Getaway Car

    There's no other way to whisk off into the night than a white getaway car with "Just Married" plastered across the back. Tradition says a vintage car is the only way to go — there’s a reason why they're still a favorite choice among brides and grooms!

  • Sparkler Exit

    Sparkler Exit

    Shimmering sparklers never fail to create a magical effect and the stunning photos that come with them.

  • Champagne Tower

    Champagne Tower

    A classic favorite, a champagne tower makes cocktail hour that much more fun — not to mention the fantastic photo ops it provides!

    Photo Credit: Michael and Anna Costa

  • Personalized Cake Toppers

    Personalized Cake Toppers

    Out of style: miniature plastic bride and groom toppers. Always in style: a customized topper with your and your partner's initials or new last name.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Nord

  • White Wedding Cake

    White Wedding Cake

    Cake trends come and go, but traditional white always takes the cake. Add a modern touch with a flower fondant design.

    Photo Credit: Amy & Jordan

  • Sleek Bar

    Sleek Bar

    Keep the decorations minimal on the bar for a sleek finish. We love the clean, crisp lines of these quilted panels. Side note — an open bar is always in style, at least according to your guests.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • Champagne Favors

    Champagne Favors

    Your guests will actually use these favors — everyone loves some good bubbly. Besides, resourcefulness is always in style — double up your favors as escort cards like these rosé minis that look classy and sweet.

    Photo Credit: Blueberry Photography

  • Frames


    You can't go wrong with a simple, gilded frame to showcase a printed menu or table number with an air of elegance.

    Photo Credit: Lauren Kinsey

  • Sweetheart Chairs

    Sweetheart Chairs

    Mark your sweetheart chairs in an understated manner with elegant script, a swag of eucalyptus, and darling white ribbon.

    Photo Credit: EE Photography

  • Candles


    Whether they're lining stairs and ceremony aisles or adorning tables and displays, candles are a classic way to emit a soft, romantic glow.

    Photo Credit: Damaris Mia

50 Wedding Ideas That'll Never Go Out of Style

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