Spotlight Collection: Denby

Denby's handcrafted stoneware is made from the strongest English clay. When it comes to durability, their stoneware is the stuff of legends.


Through careful observation of real-life needs, Denby creates amazing products with a purpose—mugs that fit under coffee machines, oven dishes the exact width of a lasagna sheet, bowls for all occasions—and every item is safe for use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer. And because Denby's products are beautiful , as well as functional, they work throughout the home—not just in the kitchen.

A wide selection of colors, shapes and styles, means you’ll always find something to help you create the stories you want your home to tell. Take a look at these themes to give you some Denby design inspiration.

URBAN: Studio Grey Collection- Get Inspired

Clean lines and minimalist greys and whites, but with the added warmth of artisan textures, speckles and soft shapes. A contemporary, long-lasting neutral with statement pieces to add interest and impact. A great contrast for neutral décor or to complement darker richer tones.

Denby Studio Grey

NATURAL: The Natural Canvas Collection- Get Inspired

Warm neutrals and soft natural hues inspired by retro textures and colors, done with a contemporary twist. More interesting than plain white, but still timeless. This pattern is a blank canvas for food presentation and has the ability to mix and match easily with other color palettes.

Denby Natural

MINERALS: The Studio Blue Collection- Get Inspired

Inspired by the environment—the earth, the sky and the shore. Textures and tones take their cues from the beauty of natural things all around us. Pair blues and whites with chalky neutrals, natural wood and marble, and plenty of foliage for a calm and mindful space.

Denby Blue

Denby ensures that every one of their designs is versatile, beautiful and durable. So when you choose Denby ceramics for your home, you can be sure that you'll love using these pieces every day and for many years to come.

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